Can you Mix Acrylic Paint with Resin?

Can you Mix Acrylic Paint with Resin

Can you mix acrylic paint with resin? As solids or semisolids, resins are known for their translucent properties. Although they’re water-insoluble, resins can easily soften on heating. Resin is an interesting painting material that can bring the most attractive appearance to your paintings.

Resin and Acrylic

Resins have unique characteristics just as acrylic. They are resilient, strong, and durable. They also offer other additional benefits to painting works.

However, their flexibility makes it suitable for painters to mix them with acrylic paint.

If you have been craving to find out if you can mix acrylic with resin, the good news is that you can mix both which makes your painting uniquely attractive. 


Why Pouring Acrylics into Resin Is Awesome?

The answer to the question “can you mix acrylic paint with resin?” is yes.

For newbies in painting, there are various colors, shades, or configurations. This implies that you don’t have to be troubled with perfect acrylic for changing the appearance of your epoxy.

Moreover, most of the acrylic on the market has been mixed with additives which give them glowing or glittering properties. 

A few attributes of acrylic paint are that it dries faster and resists damage from water. Certain acrylic has pigments that fuse with materials as water evaporation takes place while it is getting dry.

The only option to change your painting’s look may be to use your epoxy color instead of acrylic paint materials. 

Pouring or mixing resin with your acrylic paints gives the paintings a glossy appearance. It also makes it unique. The addition of a 3D object on the canvas will make it appear like a truly three-dimensional painting. You’ll love it. 

These additives do not interfere with the resin’s stability. They, however, connect with resin and bind with them perfectly to give your painting the best look. The mixture of resin with acrylic provides painting works with a tighter and cleaner, and more durable finish.

Furthermore, the painting work will enjoy additional aesthetic value for a longer period.

However, it is best to mix them sticking to the rule of thumb with the ratio of 1 to 10. The process involves adding one portion of acrylic paint to ten portions of the resin to be used. A wrong mixing ratio may alter the painting work. 

Final Word

After reading this short post, the question about whether you can mix acrylic paint with resin should have been laid to rest. Adding acrylic paints to resin in painting is an awesome way to achieve incredibly beautiful colors.

Don’t forget the 1:10 ratio of liquid acrylics with resin. Anything more or less can result in getting clumps and lumps all over the place. That’s not something you want to see in your final painting.

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