10 Best Spray Paints for Graffiti

What is the best spray paint for Graffiti? This is the questions that most artists and crafters seek an answer to. Arriving at a consensus can be a little tricky considering the wide variety of products in the market. Spray paints for graffiti must be carefully chosen to avoid splashing your hard-earned money on low-quality but pricey products.

In this article, you’ll learn the following:

  • 10 best spray paint for graffiti
  • Things to consider before buying spray paint for graffiti
  • Some commonly asked questions about spray paint, graffiti, and spray paint for graffiti
Spray Paints for Graffiti

10 Best Spray Paint for Graffiti

1. Montana BLACK 400ml Popular Colors Set of 12 Graffiti Street Art Mural Spray Paint

This Montana Spray Paint is exclusively for graffiti works. Its high-pressure feature enables a fast drying after a surface application and also ensures the high quality and durability of the artwork. It comes with a plethora of exciting colors to enhance the beauty of art.

Montana BLACK -  Best Graffiti Street Art Spray Paint

It boasts amazing coverage with its beautiful and decorative colors. Its multicolor feature complements its high-pressure protection power. This makes it one of the most suitable kits for mural use and graffiti street art. It’s also winter-proof and has a lot of similarity with Molotow, Belton, Ironlak, MTN, and more.

ColorMulticolor: White, Melon, Gray, and more
Dry TimeDries fast (20 minutes)
Paint TypeSpray
ApplicationWalls, Wood, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Glass, Plastic, Metal
Finish TypeMatte


  • Strong winter proof
  • Several color options


  • Limited to outdoor use only
  • May be harmful to children

2. Krylon K05592007 COLORmaxx Spray Paint and Primer

Whether you are working on DIY furniture, or refurbishing old items to new, Krylon Colormaxx Spray Paint can perfectly do the job. This durable spray paint also offers rust protection and is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. It also sits well on paper mache, ceramics, fabrics, and glass, and can serve as wood and metal spray paints.

Krylon Colormaxx Spray Paint can

The paint’s flat and matte finish confers style and trend on any regular project. You can spray the paint can from any angle, thanks to its big button spray tip. Its 12 oz can cover up to 25 sq. feet.

Drying TimeDries to touch (20 minutes)
Paint TypeMineral Spray
ApplicationWood, Ceramic, Paper, Fabric, Glass, Metal
Finish TypeFlat/Matte


  • Flexible to spray all angles.
  • Can be sprayed on several surfaces and objects.
  • Spray button allows for easy use.


  • Not easily affordable

3. Rust-Oleum 7274830 Stops Rust Metallic Spray Paint

This is one of the most sought after anti rust spray paint which delivers long-lasting protection after spray. It also features an amazing metallic finish especially when used both internally and externally.

Rust-Oleum 7277830-6PK Stops Rust Metallic Spray Paint

This paint is highly resistant to weather, abrasion, corrosion, and chipping, making it suitable for use on exterior and interior surfaces. It can cover up to 15 square feet. Plus, this oil-based formula provides durable protection while offering a shiny finish.

ColorAntique Brass
Drying TimeDries to finish (20 minutes)
Paint TypeEnamel, Mineral
ApplicationWood, Brass, Metal
Finish TypeMetallic


  • Angle technology which allows for easy spray
  • Rust-, chipping, and abrasion-resistant
  • Designed to eliminate finger fatigue during long spray
  • Great for interior and exterior items.


  • Less glossy finish

4. Rust-Oleum 338943 Stops Rust Enamel Spray Paint

The Rust Enamel Spray Paint is designed to eliminate all forms of rust while it retains a higher quality color. It sprays faster through its output tip to enable a timely completion of job. The anti-corrosive enamel paint is also suitable to spray furniture and other tough surfaces.

Rust-Oleum Advanced Spray Paint, Satin Fire Red

Usually used on outdoor and exterior items, this paint retains color while providing long-lasting protective coating on your item. Although it dries slowly to touch from 2 to 4 hours, a can of this paint can cover up to 10 square feet.

ColorSatin Fire Red
Drying TimeSlowdrying time (2-4 hours)
Paint TypeEnamel
ApplicationWood, metal
Finish TypeSatin


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Value for money
  • Renews old surfaces to new with a premium formula
  • Long-lasting and durable


  • Dries a bit longer

5. Rust-Oleum 249122-6 PK Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover

Painter’s Touch Spray Paint provides a solid and amazing finish on any surface it is sprayed. As part of its easy-to-use features, the spray paint ensures a soft and comfy spray to avoid pains on the finger during long sprays.

Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover Spray leaves a lasting touch of deep color when sprayed on wood, metal, or any touch surface. It covers up to 12 sq. ft. per can. It also provides excellent hide for surface imperfections. This paint is highly low on odor.

ColorGloss Black
Drying TimeFast drying (20 minutes)
Paint TypeEnamel
ApplicationWood, Metal, Plastic
Finish TypeGloss


  • Mild odor paint
  • Sits well on both indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Smoothly gloss finish
  • Durable and resistant to chipping and flaking


  • Needs more coat on metal

6. Rust-Oleum 7256830 Stops Rust Metallic Spray Paint

This product is effective as an anti-rust spray paint and delivers long-lasting protection after spraying. It also features an amazing metallic finish especially when used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. The paint is suitable to spray on metal, and other rough surfaces.

Like most Rustoleum spray paint products, the 7256830 provides a protective, durable, and long-lasting coating.

Your item won’t peel, chip, or flake because of the paint’s high corrosion and abrasion resistance.

It can cover up 15 square feet per can.

ColorApple Red
Drying TimeFast Dry (about 20 minutes dry)
Paint TypeEnamel, Mineral
Finish TypeMetallic


  • Angle technology which allows for easy spray
  • Great value for money
  • Designed to eliminate finger fatigue during long spray
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Not shinny

7. Pintyplus Aqua Spray Paint Set- Water-Based

This paint product comes in a clear four-color kit of colorful 4.2oz cans, particularly designed for both interior and exterior graffiti painters. Its high-pressure feature enables a fast drying after a surface application, and also ensures the high quality and durability of the artwork.

This easy-to-use water-based spray paint provides an ultra-matte finish that makes it great for crafts and arts. If you want to use it for scrapbooking and stenciling, this kit will deliver. It is also eco-friendly and provides a highly low level of odor.

ColorMulticolor: Blues, Greys, Black, White
Drying TimeDries to touch in 30 minutes
Paint TypeWatercolor
ApplicationMetal, Wood, Plastic
Finish TypeMatte


  • Fast Dry
  • Perfect for stenciling, crafts, arts, and scrapbooking
  • Different color options
  • Long-lasting and durable finish


  • Harmful odor

8. DANG Prime Graffiti Spray Paint

This spray paint is exclusively designed for street artists who desire to make out the best in their craft. DANG Prime Spray offers an amazing tool for all manner of designs on surfaces.

It also features incredible weather resistance, which makes it durable and long-lasting. The DANG Prime Graffiti Spray Paint brings out a fantastic finish whether for commercial or professional jobs.

This is a super-fast multicolor spray paint for graffiti that works well on both interior and exterior items.

That’s not all.

It covers a wide surface area and won’t make your project chip, flake, or crack when faced with UV and corrosion.

ColorDark Red, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, Teal, Green, Magenta, 
Drying TimeFast Dry ( less than 1 minutes dry)
Paint TypeSpray
ApplicationWood, Glass, Metal
Finish TypeMatte  


  • Sits well on variety of surfaces
  • Easy to hold during spray
  • Values for money


  • Not too glossy

9. MTN Spray Paint Packs – Water-Based 100 Workshop 16 Packs

A water-based pack of colors suitable for any artist, regardless of their level of skill. This is a perfect spray paint to apply on regular interior latex objects. When used alongside a primer, this paint will provide color consistency and high durability.

It comes in various sizes and quantities, making it easy for artists to control. In addition, the water-based acrylic paint features cover up to 15 square feet per can.  

ColorPrimary colors
Drying TimeFast drying (20-40 minutes)
Paint TypeWatercolor
ApplicationMetal, Plastics, Glass
Finish TypeAcrylic


  • Designed for art decorations
  • Easy to use
  • Comes in several bright colors
  • Value for money


10. Caliart Acrylic Paint Set

Just as the name, it is a spray paint designed for any type of artwork. Purely acrylic water-based, the paint is intended for children and teenagers.

It does not leave stains on your studio. It has a low odor, which makes it perfect and safer for indoor use. This amazing spray paint sits well on cardboard, plastic, paper, glass, and natural fibers.

What’s more, the Caliart spray paint is non-toxic making it the best kit for kids. It offers creamy consistency, fine details with excellent coverage of a wide surface area.

Drying TimeFast drying (10-15 minutes)
Paint TypeAcrylic
ApplicationWood, Ceramic, Fabric
Finish TypeMatte


  • No rub-off when sprayed on hard surfaces.
  • Easy to use.
  • Safe to use without skin cut.


  • Not suitable for canvas art.
  • The cans are smaller.
  • Can You Use Any Spray Paint for Graffiti?

Things to Consider Before Buying Spray Paint for Graffiti

1. Brand and Quality

There are several brands that produce quality spray paints for Graffiti works.

However, the Montana Black is considered to be one of the most reliable spray paints for graffiti works, as it offers the opportunity to be creative in the art, even with long-lasting quality. It is durable and comes in a collection of different bright colors to give you that perfect finish you desire.

2. Heat Resistance

Spray Paint is effective in protecting both interior and exterior metal surfaces from extreme heat conditions. This clearly means that it is durable when graffiti designs are applied on metal surfaces.

Most of these graffiti paints contain a tough satin finish which is durable and corrosion-resistant. It dries in just thirty minutes just to give your project a quick completion.

3. Waterproof

Spray paint contains waterproof and is designed to withstand outdoor conditions, depending on the texture of the top coat.

With its waterproof feature, the spray paints are said to have water-resistant. This means that spray paint for graffiti has a glossy top coat that prevents water from penetrating the spray paint coating. The glossy top coat is what makes the spray paint waterproof or water-resistant.

4. Pressure

Essentially, spray paints for graffiti function in both low and high pressures while spraying a surface.

The low-pressure setting spills out the paint with less force through the cap so that the user can have more control to create smooth and attractive effects, as well as fine lines, particularly if the outline caps are slim.

High pressure can emits the paint through the cap at a faster rate and a higher volume. Therefore, high-pressured graffiti spray paints are the best choice as they offer a greater level of precision when spraying.

5. Dry Time

After applying the spray paint, it takes about half an hour to achieve a dry surface, and about eight hours for a complete dry.

However, paints on metals have a faster dry time than when applied on other surfaces.

Oil-based spray paint for graffiti takes more time to dry and cure than their water-based counterparts.

The oil-based spray paint takes up to 24 hours to dry and days before it’ll permanently cure. Water-based may take between 10 and 20 minutes to dry and one hour to cure. 

6. Durability

One of the most amazing factors to consider when buying spray paint for graffiti is its promised durability.

The application of spray paint on metal surfaces and bricks gives an assurance of strength and longevity on the surface of the project. Given this long-lasting base coat, peeling, blisters, and flaking can be automatically removed.

7. Adhesion

One of the major factors to consider before buying spray paint for graffiti is its adhesiveness.

Thankfully, the Montana series is a perfect brand of spray paint with excellent adhesion properties.

It can be used without any prior buffing and will not have any effect on the original materials of the painted items. It has the properties of rust resistance, acid resistance, and moisture resistance.

8. Finish

Spray paints used for graffiti offer an amazingly soft finish, without any print or brush marks on the design work.

This final level is somewhat appealing to the eyes due to its array of bright colors. This is the reason it is advised that before you begin to apply paint, gently buff the surface with smooth sandpaper so that the blemishes on the surface will be cleaned off.

This will help the primer coat to stick firmly on the brick or metal. So, graffiti spray paint has a great finishing impact when it is dry. Thereafter, apply another round of paint and you should be good to go!

9. Spray Nozzle

Spray nozzles impact greatly in the spraying process. They differ in size and the level of pressure they emit paint.

Some spray cans allow you to get clean and precise lines, while others spray evenly on the entire project space. When the nozzle is pressed, the paint-propellant mixture pushes up to the dip tube. This is in response to the strong pressure in the can. The benefit explains an accurate finish without drips and stains.

10. Color

Graffiti design has specific spray paints, even as they are water-resistant. With its amazing color mixtures, the artist is free to showcase their creativity whether spraying on bricks, metal, or concrete. Also, its water-resistance feature serves as a protective cover against any form of surface peel.

It is durable and comes in a variety of attractive colors like; Melon Yellow, Code Red, Cardinal Red, Punk Pink, Lavender, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Slimer, Irish Green, Mouse Gray, Black, and White to give your piece a nice and fabulous look.

11. Painting Size

There are several sizes of paint cans in the market which range from quarter- pints to five-gallons, though. Spray cans, especially for graffiti are usually small enough to cover about four square feet apiece.

It depends on the paint color being used on a surface. For instance, painting a dark corner will definitely require more application of spray paint.

12. Size and Volume

The spray paint cans are available in a specific shape that looks like a paint gun. Its design comprises a mild steel body. With its nozzle size of 0.3mm, it emits the required steady stream of air pressure on the brick or metal surface for an effective, smooth spray.

13. Budget

With the wide variety of spray paints for graffiti, you can choose the brand that suits your budget.

For instance, Montana Black and Rust-Oleum are high-quality brands with a pocket price. Prices for both items are not more than six dollars.

With this, you can easily get more cans that can give you a rewarding transformation on your graffiti project.

What is Graffiti Spray Paint?

Graffiti spray paint is a paint type that is made up of spray paint, aerosol or water-resistant sprays, and markers.

Most graffiti artists prefer aerosol cans simply because they are easy to conceal and fast to apply. Graffiti spray paint on highly visible wall areas that are not often cleaned, because these walls showcase their artwork for a long time.

Can You Use Normal Spray Paint for Graffiti?

For you to use graffiti paint, it is important for you to make use of an aerosolized spray can. It is not really necessary to use a brush while designing graffiti. Rather, it is advisable to use spray paints which dry faster and work better for multiple surfaces. Spray paints can be used to achieve a particular result.

Do You Need Special Spray Paint for Graffiti?

Graffiti is a special art on its own that requires several factors when deciding on how to choose the right spray paint for a project. However, to make the job simple, the Montana Black is recommended. This is because it encapsulates a plethora of high-coverage colors, making it suitable for any surface you wish to work on.

What Kind of Spray Paint is good for Graffiti Art?

There are several types of spray paints, including Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch and Metallic Blue.

But for graffiti art, Krylon Fusion is preferable mainly because it is an all-in-one spray paint. The spray paint is suitable for any type of surface; be it concrete, bricks, or stone. Krylon has been manufactured to serve different uses. These include DIY graffiti projects.

Can You Use Any Spray Paint for Graffiti?

Yes, you can use spray paint for graffiti.

However, the type of spray paint needed to create graffiti is totally different from that which is used for DIY creations.

So, several factors are considered before choosing the type of paint which suit graffiti. If you wish to spray a brick, then you have to get paint with different colors that can stick on the surface and at the same time have a smooth look.

you can use spray paint for graffiti

How Do You Spray Paint Graffiti?

To make use of Graffiti paint, it is suggested you use a spray can that is aerosolized. It is not a must to use a brush when creating Graffiti rather, you can use your choice of spray paints that dry so fast and works on different surfaces. Spray paints are only used for particular designs.

As a rule of thumb, look for a dry surface that is void of any flaws or stains. While doing this, make sure the weather condition is very friendly. Now, when you start to spray, kindly avoid a repetition of spray on the surface project. You can check for how to recoat on the can.

Make sure you also add colors to the already sketched graffiti. After which you can draw the 3D blocks. Remember to include a keyline and background, and then put highlight, and include your tag, as well as the year it was designed.

Here are simple steps on how to spray paint Graffiti:

  • Trace your graffiti tag.
  • Enhance the graffiti.
  • Use the artist’s freeliner to revise the lines, and then freeze them.
  • Add colors to the already sketched graffiti.
  • Draw the 3D blocks.
  • Include a keyline and background.
  • Put highlights, include your tag, as well as the year it was designed.

To be a graffiti artist, it is important you place high regard on other artist. It is not appropriate to use another person’s name. Rather, you are free to mention any other name of your choice, and avoid painting the same designs every time. You are expected to show creativity, even at the beginning stage.

How Do You Make A Graffiti Tag Name?

You can make a stylish graffiti tag name when you use chalk to write your name. Rather than making the text cursive, use printed text as well as a writing tool that can be easily erased, so you can easily design it appropriately. You are free to make the texts have a bubble look and don’t forget to merge the texts to stay closely connected with each other.

How Do You Cover Graffiti Spray Paint?

Applying paint is one of the easiest ways of covering graffiti spray paint. This is so because it does not deface the wall surface. This is the reason professionals suggest that using glossy paint which has satin can easily cover designs made by graffiti spray paint more than any other type of finish.


Is Rustoleum good for graffiti?

Yes. The reason is that Rust-Oleum is thick and durable when compared with others. In fact, most proponents of graffiti in the United States of America are in agreement that other sprays are not as top-quality as Rusto hence, the reason they have started using different latest products of the Rusto brand.

What markers do graffiti artists use?

There are several markers that graffiti artists use, depending on the project design. However, most artists make use of alcohol-based markers; one of which is the popular Copic. Among the many others available, most graffiti artists enjoy using Copic, as the markers can stylishly create tints and shades by coating colors on top of each other.

Can you use aerosol spray paints on walls?

Aerosol spray paints can be used on interior or exterior walls. The paint can easily spread on a large area of the wall in less time, even with a limited quantity of paint. Most exterior walls are adorned with spray paints. It is mostly advisable to wear a mask while spraying on walls.

Is spray paint art hard?

Spray painting on walls, bricks, and stones may not be an easy activity contrary to the belief of many. Though there are lots of art paintings on the street, they were not easily created. It is quite a tough skill that requires patience and constant practice. Nevertheless, you can become a pro if you learn.

How much does spray paint art cost?

The cost for each square foot can be between ten dollars and thirty five dollars. A learner can possibly use a lesser quantity while spraying than when an experienced hand is handling it. Many people maintain that spray paint is quite pricey.

Can You Spray Paint and AR 15?

Yes. In fact, you can use a popular brand known as Krylon because it perfectly works with a spray painting popularly known as AR 15. Though there are several types of spray products and brands in the market, it does not disappoint when you apply the spray on a gun.

Final Words

The best spray paint for graffiti works is adjudged to be Montana Black chiefly because of its wide array of attractive colors, as well as top-quality matte and gloss finishes.

My favorite color - Montana Black Mescaline

Though in today’s market, the choice of graffiti spray paint heavily depends on what the artist is expecting, as there are lots of spray paints to choose from. Making use of an aerosolized spray is essential to a successful painting of your project site.

Knowing how to spray involves simple steps which include looking for a dry and clean wall area that is free from flaws and grits. The other step says you can trace your key line and then begin to add colors to the texts. A period of constant graffiti learning will help make you an expert in the art.

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