How to Keep Acrylic Paint Wet?

how to keep acrylic paint wet

Acrylic paint dries too fast. So, keeping it moist while painting will be a great way to get the best out of this widely sought-after paint. Whether applied to the canvas or your palette, acrylic can dry out faster when exposed to the elements, especially in the open air.

However, there are a few things you can do to keep the paint wet throughout the painting. Let’s take a look at some of those tips.

Tips to Keep Acrylic Paint Wet?

Water the Palette Recurrently

To keep the acrylic paint moist longer, you should add more water to the palette as often needed. To mist the palette, you’ll need a water-filled mister or atomizer (that is, a small pour or spray bottle) with you. Fill the bottle with distilled water because your regular water might come with some baggage or dirt.

Go for Stay-Moist Palette

Rather than continuously adding water to the palette using the mister, you can simply buy a stay-wet palette. This won’t require you to be misting the palette all the time. The good news is that the palette comes with a built-in sponge layer that naturally atomizes and dampens the acrylic film.

With this system, all you’ll be required to do is simply mix your paint: the underneath sponge does the rest. However, in case you want to preserve the palette-bound colors for subsequent use, securely seal the palette with a new lid. Once you’ve done this, the damp space will keep acrylic wet and preserve the color from fading. 

Use slow-dry Retarders

The acrylic medium, often called retarders, is manufactured primarily to help extend the time the acrylics will open and stay moist. If you apply this slow-dry gel, it’ll keep the acrylic paint to stay wet for longer. You can simply apply the retarders to your acrylics and palette.

Alternatively, you can also opt for Liquitex palette Wetting Spray. While distilled water is not a bad option, Liquitex. The good news is that the spray contains materials that help to reduce the amount of time it takes the acrylics to dry.

Scale from regular acrylic products

Some artists have also recommended the use of a more advanced acrylic product, the Golden Open Acrylics. What’s special about it? This paint is specially formulated for the moistening of acrylics. Suitable for outdoor painting, Golden Open Acrylics allow acrylics to stay wet while working.

Apply some operational techniques

As we’re noted, when the acrylic paint is exposed to the atmospheric air too much, it will dry out faster. To minimize the amount of time the paint is exposed, you should sketch your painting before you lay it out. You can significantly reduce how much time the acrylic is exposed to outdoor air. In addition, you can make use of a shaded workspace. This will prevent paint from being exposed to wind, sun, or dew.


Wet acrylic paint is great for coming up with an elegant result with cool depth. If you apply these few tips, you can reduce how much time your acrylic paint dries out on your item.

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