How to Make Acrylic Paint Dry Faster?

How to Make Acrylic Paint Dry Faster

Why should I increase the drying time of acrylics? Having certain tips at hand on how to make acrylic paint dry faster will help make a painting with acrylic easier. Although they are known to dry quickly, you can achieve a quicker dryness with these tips. 

For some artists, making acrylic paint dry faster may seem like whipping a dead horse. By formulation and nature, acrylic paints are generally fast drying. Acrylic paints have amazing features which make them a top choice for users. These range from quick-drying features to relatively easy applications, compared to other paints.

5 Ways to Make Acrylic Paint Dry Faster


A well-ventilated workspace allows your acrylic paint to dry as fast as possible. Although many artists prefer natural airflow, you won’t go wrong if you create a ventilated environment by switching on a fan to blow the paint to dry. Excessive ventilation means you are allowing more airflow to the acrylic which helps it to dry faster. 

2.Heating system

Placing a heater or hairdryer near your acrylic paint is an effective way to dry acrylic paint faster. Higher temperature is equivalent to faster drying times. Flipping the calendar into summer may not be possible for the quick drying of your acrylic paint. But the installation of a heater can bring summer weather closer than you think. When you warm the air around your environment, your acrylic dries faster than usual. Make sure you focus the heater or hairdryer on the section of the paint that’s drying too slowly. This will help you move on to the next coat layer.  

3.Application of thinner paint coat 

Excessive paint may not allow quick penetration of air. If you are using excess paint, your acrylic paint may not dry sooner than expected. Thinner coats decrease the time for the acrylic to dry and may leave you wondering how to dry acrylic paint faster. 

4.Lower humidity

Humidity will not only keep acrylic paints from wetness but will also prevent them from drying faster. Unfortunately, it may cause the painting’s works to drip and can eventually ruin everything you have done. It also increases the chances of contaminating dust or particles. For a quick drying of your acrylic paint works, you may need to reduce the humidity within your environment. You may do this by running a humidifier to make it dry faster. 

5.Other tips

Other alternative methods on how to dry acrylic paint faster include buying a quick-drying acrylic, using a hairdryer, heat gun, heat lamp, and other devices that emit heat. In any of these methods, you shouldn’t keep your eyes away from the painted items.  

Final Words

Nature can be tricky sometimes. Even during arid periods, you may not be able to predict how the weather could pan out. This is why these unnatural methods will help you make the process of drying your paint faster. If you use any of the methods above, you won’t go wrong in getting the result you desire.  

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