25 Best Spray Paint Brands of 2022

What is the best spray paint brand

Have you ever thought of the best spray paint brands on the market? It can be challenging to arrive at the overall best brand of spray paint. But if you equip yourself with detailed information, it shouldn’t be tricky. So, what spray paint brands are available

  1. Krylon
  2. Rustoleum
  3. Montana
  4. MTN
  5. Molotow
  6. Liquitex
  7. Ironlak
  8. Fresh Paint
  9. Kilz
  10. Sabotaz
  11. Clash / Beat
  12. Flame
  13. Evolve
  14. All City
  15. Kobra
  16. Plutonium
  17. Dupli-Color
  18. TULIP
  19. Design Master
  20. SprayMax
  21. Scotchgard
  22. POR-15
  23. VHT
  24. Seymour Paint
  25. Eastwood

There are many spray paint brands you can find out there to answer your question. The market is so saturated that if you’re not a curious and careful shopper, you may patronize substandard products. This article will look at the 25 best spray paint brands you should consider buying. 

What do you stand to gain from reading this article? Here are insights into what the article will offer you:

  • Best spray paint brands
  • Comparison between Rustoleum Vs Krylon
  • Best spray paint brands for different surfaces
  • FAQs

Stay tuned and read to the end!

25 Best Spray Paint Brands


Krylon comes atop the best spray paint brands list today for several reasons. Top among other reasons is the brand’s desire to help Do-IT-Yourselfers. Owned by the Sherwin-Williams company, Krylon has been a strong partner for craft enthusiasts rather than focusing on artists generally. 

If you’re a graffiti enthusiast, Krylon should be your go-to kit. With its ‘Graffiti Hurts’ program, this brand seeks to issues with graffiti. The valve system on Krylon’s spray paint sprayer is easy to control. You can get Krylon’s retail spray paint at low as $4.


We’re not likely to be a firm competitor ahead of Rust-Oleum in the painting industry. Thanks to this brand, you’ll get some of the most durable spray paints with incredibly smooth finishes. It  

Although the brand offers a less customizable spray paint sprayer, you can be sure your project will come out with a smooth, fine finish. What’s more, Rustoleum formulates versatile products. You’ll see oil-based, water-based, and latex Rustoleum spray paints. Plus, the paint cans are made with rap-letter sprayers. 


Montana spray paints are often sought after. There is something for everyone from the brand’s black to gold spray paint. This brand produces vintage lacquer spray paint with amazing opacity. Montana spray paints are typically formulated with line and fade capacities, meaning they offer staggering line quality against flaking and chipping. 

Montana spray paints get you covered if you’re a high roller or low-income shopper. They come in a wide range of prices. You can get Montana to spray paint at a generous price of $5. Montana spray paints are weather-proof, quick-drying, low-scented, and low-pressure. They also come in various eye-popping colors, with Gold Montana having 204 colors and Black Montana featuring 136 colors.


If you’re looking for a spray paint band with high-quality quick coverage, Spanish Montana, also known as MTN, comes in handy. The brand has been around different markets in the world, including India and America. It leads the pack when it comes to solid fast coverage. Its hardcore 94 lines are available in 147 colors. 

The brand formulates a lower-pressure, fine matte finish. The finish is fast-drying with an incredible high gloss. There is also a high-pressure line that features 88 colors in total. The MTN 94 brand features 9-step chromatic color gradations that stain clean lines with a slight overspray line. You can buy a can of MTN for around $4-$5.


Molotow is another spray paint brand that you can rely on. This German-made product boasts a low-pressure premium line that has over 251 colors. With this huge color range, Molotow has ranked the brand with the largest color scale among individual brands of spray paint. 

Thanks to its unique and complete opacity and pressure-sensitive valve system, Molotow Belton’s spray paint brand is popular among artists and writers. Plus, as one of the brands with the highest-grade pigment, Molotow has incredible color vibrancy and consistency. 

The brand also features high-pressure premier bombing paints known for their one-of-its-kind ‘Action line.’ For $5.95, you can get a can of Molotow’s brand spray paint. What’s more, the spray paints produce an even and smooth finish with wide coverage and surface versatility. 


If you’re a fine artist in love with acrylic spray paint, the Liquitex spray paint brand is the right pick for you. This 67-year-old brand prides itself as the world’s premier commercial water-based acrylic spray paint manufacturer.

The Liquitex spray paint is a product of highly lightfast pigments. It features more than 100 colors low-odor, low-solvent professional colors. These are not the regular spray paint brands you know around. Its easy-to-clean water-based paint formulation is unrivalled. Plus, the brand’s spray paint valve system guarantees seamless paint dispersion. The intensity of the paint’s color intense color plus its incredible performance even when exposed to UV is an enviable feature. A can of Liquitex can cost between $6.99 and $9.49.


Ironlak is a leading Chinese-made spray paint brand that produces appealing and sought-after spray paints for artists and graffiti enthusiasts. With reasonably priced, thick, and high-pigment spray paint, this brand beats a lot of competitors out there.  

Made with a quality valve system and incredibly designed black and white spray containers, the Ironlak spray paint boasts color vibrancy and consistency on your project surface. The thickness of the spray paint content doesn’t clog the path of the sprayer.  

Besides, Ironlak doesn’t drip even if you spray the paint on the same spot. The vanilla scent isn’t bad either, depending on your preference. 

Fresh Paint

American-based spray paint brands are known for their top-quality performances and versatility, and Fresh Paint is not an exception. Producing a smooth, matte finish, Fresh Paint spray paint brand is a highly viscous paint that maintains almost the same look as Ironlak. 

Fresh Paint is the manufacturer of Oink Art, the formulator of Carnival Paint, Beach Spray, Colorway, Tropical, Hulk, Random Montana, and more. 

With 2.95, you can buy a can of Fresh Paint spray paint, making it one of the cheapest and most affordable guys on our list of best spray paint brands 


Kilz is a single color spray paint, but its white pigment is second to none among the list of the single best spray paints anywhere. 

This brand’s spray paint also works as a sealant, stain blocker, and primer paint solution. They seal porous surfaces, promote adhesion, block severe, seal and block, resist mildew, and hide previous colors. 

Plus, it also helps you eliminate texture differences on your project surface

Kilz White spray paint is also versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including masonry, new drywall, bathroom, and kitchen. 


After an initial rough patch, Sabotaz has continued to improve on its spray paint formulas and has become a leader in the spray paint market. Thanks to the spray paint’s affordability and top-quality performance on most surfaces. 

Although Sabotaz 80 spray paint may flake or chip after some time, it still ticks a lot of great boxes that give it a stand-out status. The spray paint brand makes more than 120 colors, most in matte finish. With just $4, you can order a can of Sabotaz. Oink Art distributes the brand’s spray paint products. 

Clash / Beat

Another incredible spray paint brand is Clash & Beat known for producing two different lines of spray paints. There is the medium-pressure Clash spray paint and the low-pressure Beat spray paint. While the Clash medium-pressure line is quicker-drying and features high opacity, the Beat looks more sophisticated. 

However, both lines are vibrant and consistent, making them suitable for graffiti and art. Plus, they are available in 130 colors and come with the European valve system and a stock tip. The Clash line seems harder to remove. 

In terms of price, the Clash line goes for $4.75 while the Beat line retails for $5.95.


Molotow won’t stop surprising its numerous customers with great lines of spray paints, and its fronting of the Flame spray paint brand is another landmark. With the Flame spray paint, there is a lot to expect.

Although formulated only in 40 gloss colors, the Flame spray paint beats many multi-color spray paints on the market in many areas. The Flame spray paint works well on most surfaces.

This Chinese-made spray paint brand sells for $4.49 per can and won’t flake or chip. The durability of the brand’s spray paint endears it to most of its competitors. 


What’s evolved? It’s the Evolve Spray Paint brand. If you’re familiar with All City paint, then Evolve won’t be strange to you. However, the Evolve brand has more color significance, opacity, and consistency than All City. 

With over 87 colors and top-quality vibrancy, this Chinese-made spray paint brand formulates spray paint with an even and flat finish. You will get more other colors. 

Although the product retails for $4, Evolove has a pretty decent impact on your project. The fair price and reliability on the surface only complement the flake-resistant capabilities of the spray paint.

All City

When you know that All City spray paint brand is located in Albuquerque, NM, then you won’t be surprised that the old town has a history of being a hub for adobe buildings.

The brand is available in 43 vibrant colors, but it boasts a matte and glossy finish. This makes it a great option for adhesion, elegant appearance, and shiny look. More colors are in the offing for this product. 

With $3.99, you can buy an 11 0z can of All City Spray paint. The spray paint is a low-pressure line that uses a smooth valve system.    


Many think because Kobra isn’t readily available in the US or that it doesn’t list any US distributor, it’s not a brand worth ranking. No. The Kobra brand is actually one of the mid-grade spray paint bands out there. 

The Kobra paint container comes with a soft, easy-to-use, and top-quality valve system. The paint itself leaves your project with a fine, smooth matte finish. As a medium-grade designer spray paint brand, Kobra produces super-fast quick-drying paint. The pressure system guarantees a mid-range performance. You may experience some overspray in the process. 


This brand offers pricey spray paint. A container of Plutonium spray paint can go for a retail price as high as $12.99. This is relatively high compared to what we have on our list, although you can get it for between $9.00 and $10.99 in some sellers. Apart from the price, everything is great with Plutonium spray paint. It has the quality and wide coverage, plus, it is thick and decent on any surface. 

With its ‘Anti-Gravity Valve’, you can spray your project surface from any angle. The icing on the cake is the eco-friendliness of this American-made spray paint brand. 


As the name suggests, Dupli-Color brand produces a wide range of colors. What is most fascinating about this spray paint brand is its incredible support for fabric crafters and artists. 

Dupli-Color formulates high-performance vinyl and fabric spray paint. This is why it’s about the best brand for vinyl projects. 

One product of Dupli-Color spray paint can boast more than 12 colors. In addition, the paint adheres smoothly and evenly to your project surface. You won’t need a primer coat in most cases. The Dupli-Color spray paint dries quickly and will not flake, chip, or crack over time. 


It’s only perhaps out of oversight or sheer mischief that Tulip Color will not make the first five best spray paint brands. This is the brand for all kinds of fabric: upholstery, wood, chair, etc. A can of Tulip spray paint goes for $4.79, which is relatively affordable. 

Made in India, Tulip spray paint brand is soft, non-toxic and can dry permanently to touch within 20 minutes. The paint creates an ultra-flexible bond with the fabric surface so that it won’t flake, crack, or chip with time. With so many color pigments, Tulip offers a highly opaque finish that shows under dark and light fabrics. 

Design Master

Since 1961 when Mark Addison came up with the idea of Design Master (DM), the brand has gone through three different handlers. First, it was The Pennock Company in 1990 before the Smithers-Oasis acquired it in 2021. Since then, DM has gone to accent many more lives with floral products.

If you want to accentuate your living room, bedroom, and bathroom with quality paint, DM floral spray paint is the right guy. With three retail distributors in the US and elsewhere, DM floral spray paint is readily available for purchase. This is one of the most suitable spray paints for indoor use. It doesn’t crack or crumble.   


SprayMax is a spray paint brand, like AutoK and Belton, owned by KWASNY, a German-made company. While SprayMax is great for commercial use, the AutoK brand has proven DIY paint products and Belton for creative spray painting. 


Scotchgard has been around for decades and it has been rated as one of the top spray paint brands for furniture and fabric. The brand is perfect for luggage, curtains, upholstery, and table linens. Although they are fairly not readily available in the market, you can find them in most parts of the Asian market.

The brand offers mostly odorless and soil-resistant spray paint. Most spray paints from Scotchgard require only a one-time application. You don’t need two or three coats. If you’re looking for spray paint for canvas shoes, silk fabrics, dresses, shirts, outwear, or shirts, Scotchgard is the right kit. 


People go for this not-too-popular spray paint brand because of its high-performance protection against rust and weather. if you’re in dire need of spray paint that will preserve your surfaces from corrosion, POR-15 comes to mind. 

It’s a direct-to-metal painting and it provides incredible bonding between the surface and coating, making it a suitable substrate against a permanent barrier.

Added to this, crafters also choose the POR-15 brand for its exceptional long-term sheen and capacity to retain color and offer barricades that can easily shed moisture. However, it requires up to 3-4 coats of paint. 


VHT stands for ‘very high temperature’ and it is a brand of spray paint that’s known for its flameproof capacity. This brand of paint is committed to painting the interior and exterior of automotive designs. They also serve as makeovers and dress-up paint to restore old auto fittings. 

As the name suggests, paint formulations from VHT can stand out against the shenanigans of hot temperatures. On average, VHT spray paint can withstand up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature. This is why they’re good for chassis engine, and wheel applications. This is one of the product-specific spray paint brands in the industry. 

Seymour Paint

Seymour of Sycamore is a known brand across the length and width of the United States has been in operations since 1949. Seymour is widely regarded as the inventor of aerosol spray paint with headquarters in Sycamore, Illinois.  

Seymour spray paint can easily withstand high temperatures and can cover a wide area in one sweeping motion. The print doesn’t drip or splash. It is easy to handle thanks to its efficient spray gun. Seymour spray paint requires a lower number of coats to adhere. But you’ll have to buy primer separately to make the paint bond to the project surface.  


Eastwood spray paint brand also tilts towards the aerosol spray paint. But it formulates more options that offer varied finishes, colors, and sizes. With history dating back to 1978, Eastwood has limited spray paint products on market. 

It comes as a manufacturer of spray paint and retail centers for most other paint brands out there. Eastwood spray paint can withstand high temperatures and are a great value to restore the faded color of your cars. What’s more, Eastwood spray paints are also durable and long-lasting, thanks to its formula.  

Rustoleum Vs Krylon: Which is better? 

It’s tricky to choose the better of RustOleum and Krylon brands, given that they have different properties, serve different purposes, and can function on different surfaces. Yet, they have a lot in common. 

However, you can coat RustOleum spray paint on any surface, metal, wood, fabric, graffiti, and more. They are formulated for decorative and protective purposes. They work well for DIY’ers and professionals. With RustOleum, you can restore your old painting project and give it a makeover. RustOleum is versatile and durable and comes in varied colors, finishes, and sizes. But it can be slow-drying.  

Krylon is the right pick when it comes to slow-drying spray paint. Within 20 minutes, the paint will dry off completely. Krylon is more environment-sensitive. When choosing Krylon paint, you must use Krylon primer. The brand’s primer offers an incredible coat base and hard clear coat for great adhesion.  

Best Spray Paint Brands

Best Spray Paint Brands for Fabric

There’s no batting an eyelid choosing TULIP as the best spray paint brand for fabric. TULIP produces spray paints that are known for their high opacity and smooth finish whether shown under dark or light fabrics. 

Tulip works on varied interior and exterior fabrics, including natural and non-absorbent fabrics, upholstery, silk, cotton, and more. Other brands like RustOleum and Krylon will perform well on fabrics as TULIP will do. 

Best Spray Paint Brands for Metal

Krylon leads the pack for the best spray paints for metal. This brand is the right pick because its paint spray can boast incredible maneuverability. 

Krylon COLORMaxx is an example of spray paint can with such easy handling. The button spray tip is not only big but also easily maneuverable and can reach difficult corners. The paint also features an amazing sheen and quality color selection. The spray paint dries fast on metal. 

Best Spray Paint Brands for Wood

For spray paint for wood, it’s difficult to choose between Design Master and DupliColor. But Design Master seems to be atop due to some reasons when it comes to environmental friendliness.

Design Master spray paint formulations have low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), meaning they don’t release harmful substances into the atmosphere. The Design Master 731 Garden is popular for coming up with pigmented spray, fast-drying spray, satin finish, and is flower safe. 

Best Spray Paint Brands for Plastic

RustOleum is the right pick for plastic painting. From its quick-drying (20 minutes) property to wide-area coverage (12 Sq), there are a lot of reasons to opt for RustOleum. 

The Rust-Oleum 327864 is one of the most vibrant and consistent spray paints on the market. It offers lasting protection against the weather to your plastic project. Its spray tip reduces finger fatigue and makes it easy to get to hard corners.

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Best Spray Paint Brands for Glass

No spray paint brand beats Krylon when it comes to painting glass. First off, most spray paints from this brand produce an even and smooth finish. The coat is super-fast and thin when it comes to drying, making sure it doesn’t form any thick layer.

With the Krylon Stained Glass Spray Paint, you will have control over your painting. The coat’s misting look gives you enough room to choose color for vibrancy.

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Best Spray Paint Brands for Cars

RustOleum comes readily to mind for crafters who want to paint and prime the interior and exterior of automobiles. Generally, RustOleum spray paint brand is highly resistant to weather and doesn’t require coat reduction because the manufacturer has pre-reduced it. 

It is easy to apply, thanks to its top-quality spray gun. You don’t have to recoat or mix the paint. It dries fast and produces a smooth finish.

Best Spray Paint Brands for Graffiti

The best spray paint brand for graffiti is the Montana brand. It offers a range of vibrant colors plus the high-quality consistency to touch the hard-reach areas. What’s more, Montana is popular for high-end matte and gloss finishes. 

The Montana Black Color Set, for example, comes with an easy-to-use, high-pressure can, making your graffiti surfaces come out with vibrant colors and a super smooth finish. It ensures a thick coating for vintage results.


Which Spray Paint Brand is Best?

Overall, the RustOleum brand tends to deliver all these properties. However, choosing the best spray paint brand is tricky considering the difference in painting and project preferences among individual artists. There are spray paints for fabrics, art, graffiti, and murals. Some are perfect for outdoor and indoors.   

What Paint does Graffiti Artists Use?

Graffiti artists prefer spray paint. The reason is simple. Spray paints adhere permanently to the wall surface. They’re portable and easy to handle. Spray paint is also quick-drying. In addition, since graffiti generally requires writing or drawing on the surfaces, spray paint helps get paint to hard-to-reach places.  

What’s the Best Outdoor Spray Paint?

The Krylon Fusion All-in-One Spray primer paint has been rated as the overall best spray paint for outdoor. The oil-based paint is easy to apply and works best when the temperature is around the range of 55 and 75o Fahrenheit. Within 20 minutes, the paint completely dries to the touch and will fully cure in less than 48 hours. 

What Kind of Spray Paint is good for Art?

The kind of spray paint best for art is multi-color spray paint and the Montana Black spray paint comes in handy. It’s great for both beginners and veteran artists. The paint offers super-fast drying time, wide-coverage, and is resistant to weather. 

Can You Use Aerosol Spray Paint on Walls?

Yes, you can apply aerosol spray paint on the interior and exterior walls. Aerosol on interior walls guarantees speed and professionalism. The formulation is perfect for your garage wall. If you’re using it for an outdoor wall, it’s also perfect. 

Final Words: What is the Best Spray Paint Brand?

So far from our review, RustOleum appears to be the best brand to go for. They formulate spray paint solutions that are suitable for all kinds of surfaces and conditions. The brand also has products that come in a wide variety of sizes and colors intended for indoor and outdoor purposes. With RustOleum, you can also get spray paints for different purposes, including fabrics, art, graffiti, murals, wood, metal, and more.  

Finally, you should choose a spray paint solution based on your project and preference. The kind of spray paint a metal surface will need may be different from what wood, fabric, or upholstery will. The same applies to all kinds of projects.

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